Is your email flooded with tons of amazing deals, discounts, and promotions? Are you immune to sales messages trying to convince you to open your wallet and buy outstanding products and services? Don’t worry; you are not the only person facing this situation.

Nowadays, more than ever, people are bombarded with tons of promotional offers, both online and offline, and it’s almost impossible to differentiate the real deals from scams. However, there are genuinely good deals out there, so we should do everything possible to spot the fake deals.

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How AppSumo Works?
Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo, and his life story impresses everyone. He previously worked for Facebook and Mint. AppSumo is part of a more significant project called Sumo. The Sumo family uses tools to automate site growth, email campaigns and host deals and giveaways for entrepreneurs.

Noah founded AppSumo back in 2011, and it has since gained a lot of traction by running over 1,600 promotions. AppSumo employees do a magnificent job – they search for tech companies and startups that develop great products. Of course, the reverse is also true – plenty of startups contact AppSumo to get their services featured. Next, AppSumo runs outstanding campaigns by discounting these products. Finally, entrepreneurs buy these valuable products for a fraction of their initial price. The uniqueness of AppSumo is the active community around it. Over time, Noah and his team have provided genuine, amazing deals. Through this, AppSumo has earned the trust of millions of people.

Sadly, AppSumo has disappointed more and more customers in the last couple of years. A reviewer on Trustpilot summarized it: “Goodbye to the old Amazon of the SaaS, you become (turned into) an Alibaba instead.” It seems that some of the current deals promoted by AppSumo aren’t precisely as promoted. Therefore, take any AppSumo deal with a grain of salt!

AppSumo Recipe Of Success?
Despite the growing number of bad reviews and unsatisfied customers, AppSumo is a successful business. Startups gain severe exposure for their products and make good money through the AppSumo marketplace. At the same time, buyers are happy to purchase discounted subscriptions for professionally-tested tools needed to run a business. So in the end, everyone is happy! Usually, the campaigns run for a limited period – 14 days, creating a feeling of scarcity among buyers.

Most likely, some aspects of the contract signed by AppSumo and sellers are disclosed. In most instances, AppSumo takes a whopping commission of 70% from all the sales, although this may differ. That’s one of the reasons why AppSumo is such a profitable business.

AppSumo Reputation
A good reputation implies a lot of hard work, money, personal sacrifice, and a good strategy and execution. AppSumo has had a good reputation for a few years but has become a bit worse in the last period. Many users have recently complained about AppSumo products and customer support on review sites. Sadly, there are mixed opinions about AppSumo.

Most AppSumo sellers are content with the results of the campaigns. Ninja Outreach was a product promoted through AppSumo, and Dave explained a few things that happened behind the curtain. He explained that the Ninja Outreach team worked hard during the promotion, and even though they faced a few issues, buyers appreciated their product and rated it with five tacos. (yes, AppSumo has no star rating – users prefer tacos).

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