Flaviar bills itself as a chance to “disrupt the pattern” and “help people try new things more often.” It is a club for those who wish to explore and experience new spirits. As Flaviar says, they “lead the speakeasy movement of the modern-day.” So it’s a chance to try something other than Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey. They opened in 2012 and have been expanding and improving their membership benefits since then. But the club is not the only part of Flaviar’s offerings.Flaviar also organizes live tasting events, free to members, around the United States. They run a spirit shop online where you can order all sorts of spirits close to the retail price.

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What do you get with a Flaviar Membership?
Assuming you aren’t just logging in to Flaviar to read their blog articles, let’s take a closer look at what you actually receive in a Flaviar membership. 1 Tasting Box Per Quarter 1 Full-Sized Bottle Per Quarter 1 Order with Free Shipping (Resets every month) Free Tasting Events Member Discounts at their shop, including spirits and their own Hercules Mulligan brand Access to unique spirits from around the world (The Vault and DBM) You can also create your own home bar on their page to keep track of all the bottles you own. (As if us whisky-lovers needed help with that!) And they have an active BoozeFeed that loads with the newest reviews, deals, and updates on their site.

Signing Up for Flaviar
Signing up for Flaviar is quite easy and fun. (I suppose clubs always want to make it easy and fun for you to sign up.) You have the choice of signing up for a full year or just one quarter. You do need to input your email address before you start. This means if you stop half-way through they still have your email to send you news and offers. But once you provide your email, you are asked to select as many types of spirits as you are interested in: bourbon, brandy, scotch, whiskey, gin, tequila, etc. Then you select all the brands you’ve tried. (And it is a huge list of brands.) But while it seems excessive, it’s all to help you narrow down your palate. The final step is to select the one bottle from all brands you’ve tried that you absolutely could not live without! Choose wisely…

The Tasting Sample Options
Flaviar offers around 40 different tasting box options that are updated constantly for exciting new sets. These tasting boxes include whisky and other spirits. So members have a very hard decision in front of them!
However, your Flaviar account will recommend certain tasting boxes to you based on your flavor profile that you’ve created. It gets better and more tailored with each box you taste and rate.
My offerings included mostly scotches and a few American whiskies and bourbons. We chose “A Tale of Three Whiskies” for a very simple reason. My father has been hunting for Penderyn Welsh Whisky everywhere. He absolutely loves it and only has one bottle left. It’s just something you can’t seem to get in South Texas. When I saw Penderyn listed in one of the tasting boxes, I had to try it. The goal? To hopefully purchase a full bottle of Penderyn as a surprise for my father after our taste test!

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